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All photos are my own unless otherwise stated.
  1. Artist Inspiration: Patrick Rochon

    "I now declare Light Painting as form of art. It is the art of moving light and mixture painting and photography. This art is a new way to express and explore the inner and the unseen. From now on, it is a form of art here, for all of us to enjoy. Light Painting is now born." - Patrick Rochon, Light Painter. Montreal, June 28, 2011

    Rochan uses light painting in a stunning way which captures forms with an eery and unworldly feel. By illuminating parts of the body and adding light in other areas, forms can become surreal yet flow in an natural, fluid way. He also works with video and live performances.

    Rochan has a huge variety of experimentation in light art, but this series of images above captured me due to not only the disjointed yet powerful end products of the photos but the technique used to create them, where Rochan used a strobe flash the ‘Metz Megablitz’. The figure in the image is a performer and dancer, and i think its really stunning how the body movements in conjunction with the flashing light work together to capture a powerful final image.

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